Women Across Generations is a collection of stories, contributed by women from many different backgrounds and ages, about who we are, what we look like, what we are doing and how we approach aging.

These are stories by women across generations growing older—young and old write and read to gather strength and inspiration from each other.


Talking about aging remains a great taboo even though ideas of old age have changed in the 21st century. It is a new kind of liberation for some and presents new restrictions for others – and everything in between. There is potential throughout life to replenish a capacity for positive change and access untapped strengths – no matter how old or young one is. As women gain economic and professional power, we need to share our stories that illustrate the wisdom and beauty of aging.

This project is a platform for talking about the past, present, or future: stories that can make you laugh or cry, that focus on accomplishments or regrets. All serve as strong and diverse voices about the experiences of women across generations.


Women of any age are invited to email a brief story or anecdote – sad, sassy or sweet (300 words or less) and/or a photograph accompanied by a short description. That’s it. Email Women.across.generations@gmail.com.

Where it will be posted: womenacrossgenerations.wordpress.com, Facebook @WomenAcrossGenerations, and/or Instagram @women.across.generations

This project is led by Annette Polan, an internationally known portrait artist and Professor Emeritus from the Corcoran College of Art at GW University. Her official portraits of leaders of industry and government include Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. She was Founder and Chair of Faces of the Fallen (2005-2007) that organized 250 American artists to portray the first 1327 American Service men and women who died in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Throughout her career, she has used likeness to explore complex identities that lie behind appearances of self and in others and to create opportunities for communication.

“Covert Autobiography,” a multi-media self-portrait that looked at aging with work by Annette Polan created from 1982-2017, inspired Women Across Generations. “I wanted to communicate certain attitudes our culture imposes on us women and offer a platform for visual voices to follow life changes, positive and negative, in daily lives.”

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